VaultLogix Adds Data Backup Support for VMware ESXi

VaultLogix, the online data backup provider, has added support for VMware ESXi within its Internet Vault Classic (IV-Classic) solution. The IV-Classic is just one of several online data backup solutions that VaultLogix offers under the IV brand.

VARs, MSPs and IT consultants currently using VaultLogix IV-Classic can now install one VMware agent on a VMware Vsphere virtual server and then backup and restore multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously, all through that single agent. VaultLogix's goal is help its customers save time by not requiring them to install on agent on each VM. The new support also gives IT service providers a choice: they can either restore entire VMs for disaster recovery, or they can choose to restore virtual disk files when they feel it is necessary to restore their data.

It's no secret that virtual environments in data centers are becoming more and more common. And as business continue to deploy such environments, VaultLogix wants to make sure data in those environments are well protected, according to VaultLogix President and CEO Tim Hannibal.

In a prepared statement, Hannibal made VaultLogix's goal very clear: “We strive to ensure that, no matter what combination of technologies a customer chooses to implement for their business, we can help them safeguard their critical data in an efficient and cost-effective way,” he said.






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