VAR Dynamics Personal Archiving Remedies Outlook .PST Issue

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provider VAR Dynamics has announced that it has added Personal Archiving for Microsoft Exchange as an additional service for its managed services provider (MSP) partners to help them handle the challenges and risks that come with managing Outlook personal storage folder (.pst) files.

PST archiving has often been IT's answer to the costs that go along with users hanging onto too many email files. By limiting the size of email inboxes, IT has been able to reduce the costs of operating Microsoft Exchange. To achieve that, users have been encouraged to archive their files in these types of stores. But that creates a whole host of new problems.

Managing .pst files can be a risky proposition for MSPs. Because these files are generally created by users and are physically located on those users' computers, their mere existence can present a number of thorny issues for businesses. For instance, using .pst stores reduces the organizational control of data. It also can increase the costs of retrieval if those emails should ever need to be retrieved as part of discovery for a lawsuit or to demonstrate compliance with regulator requirements.  These individual stores also prohibit the application of retention policies and exposes data to potential theft.

VAR Dynamics Personal Archiving for Microsoft Exchange takes back control of these stores, removing the risk exposure for companies and MSPs. Personal Archiving provides gives MSP partners more control and flexibility in managing email messaging data for clients and controlling costs associated with storage quotas.

VAR Dynamics CTO Matt Baldwin said this about the new offering: “We are constantly striving to make our suite of services the industry’s most efficient and effective platform for MSPs to squeeze the highest margins out of their services.  The ability to use Personal Archiving for Exchange furthers that objective for our partners, who can now wring out much of the overhead costs associated with managing messaging data via .pst files.”

For more information on the company's partner program, visit the company's website.

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