TwinStrata CloudArray 3.0: Faster Configuration, Improved Analytics

TwinStrata, a cloud storage solution provider, has released CloudArray 3.0. The CloudArray line is the company's signature cloud storage solution -- a line of virtual and physical appliances designed to give enterprise companies secure and efficient iSCSI access to cloud storage.

"We're seeing a big increase in MSPs deploying storage solutions," TwinStrata CEO Nikos Vekiarides noted. "They like our cloud storage model because it makes cloud storage faster, lets them cache storage, has a lot different security options and comes with compression, deduplication and bandwidth control."

CloudArray 3.0 features a new three-step rapid configuration process, improved analysis and statistics, and improved portal workflow and reporting. It also gives customers broader cloud storage support capabilities. "Customers like easy and flexibility, and that's the beauty of our product," Vekiarides said.

TwinStrata is trying to keep the solution vertically agnostic. Still, verticals that have heavy storage needs -- such as education, retail, manufacturing and energy -- are prime targets for the solution, Vekiarides noted. Current customers can upgrade to CloudArray 3.0 for free. Individual software licenses for new customers start at $5,000.


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