Tigerpaw Offers Software Customers Referral Incentive Program

Tigerpaw Offers Software Customers Referral Incentive Program

Tigerpaw Software Company LogoTigerpaw Software, the business automation and service management software provider, is calling on its satisfied customers to help take sales viral. To with the company has launched a Tigerpaw Customer Referral Program to give existing customers -- typically VARs, MSPs and telco resellers -- a little added incentive.

Here's how the referral program works. First, Tigerpaw customers can refer a friend or colleague to the company by registering them online. Next, wait for Tigerpaw to send you a confirmation email that the customer you referred is actually eligible for the program. If you get the green light, your referral is free to make a Tigerpaw purchase. And once they do, you can select either a cash reward or credit toward your own Tigerpaw purchase for having delivered the referral.

Tigerpaw has leveraged incentive-based programs before to drive sales. In October the software provider teamed up with Corelytics to challenge its software users to meet sales and other business performance goals.



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