Teradata Links Managed Services to Application Development Projects

Teradata, a database software and enterprise analytics company has expanded its Teradata Managed Services solution to support application development and software maintenance initiatives. The new capabilities include report creation, analytical modeling and enhanced integration for new data sources.

According to Teradata, its managed services capabilities already include:

  1. Best-in-class data warehousing processes;
  2. High levels of availability, performance and end-user satisfaction;
  3. Cost control with simple pricing; and
  4. Service scalability to meet a businesses' specific needs.
The Teradata Managed Services team includes consultants who help businesses with data integration and finding the right tools and processes that best fit with the Teradata data warehouse. The application lifecycle development enhancements arrive as more businesses depend on Teradata's data warehouse to acquire more customers, bolster customer retention, reduce operational costs, and cut their go-to-market time.
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