Technology Capital Investors: VC and Cloud Coaching for MSPs

Technology Capital Investors: VC and Cloud Coaching for MSPs

OS33 President Jacob Kazakevich (pictured) has joined the Board of Directors of Technology Capital Investors (TCI). The move should help the New York-based investment group -- and its portfolio of MSPs -- map out cloud computing strategies. It's a move that TCI Managing Partner Sam Attias called, "a natural progression."

TCI invested in OS33 when OS33 was born out of External IT in 2006. TCI has since played a huge role in helping OS33 deliver IT-as-a-service to its MSP clients, and OS33 has responded well. It is the fastest growing company in the TCI portfolio, which includes such names as External IT, Avazpour, D&D Consulting, ETCI and HostNet. Don't be surprised if TCI adds more clients to its portfolio this year. Attias says the company is, "very focused on client acquisition."

That client acquisition focus has a lot to do with Kazakevich's appointment to the TCI board. In a market full of MSP's and SMB's seeking cloud computing guidance, Kazakevich brings a IT services leadership and cloud computing expertise rarely seen on the board of an investment group. He was a co-founder of External IT and spent seven years managing the company's technical operations for hundreds of clients and thousands of end users before he co-founded OS33. Kazakevich was also the CTO of the ASP company Offyx Corp.

"The objective is to allow MSP's to shift to the cloud," said Kazakevich during our phone conversation last week. "The SMB market is headed toward a cloud computing future." In the end, TCI wants to help its clients become dominant regional service providers. According to Attias, adding Kazakevich to the board is a huge step in that direction.

"To have someone like Jacob on our board is pretty rare," said Attias. We're here to help grow our clients businesses and our business as well. This will help us do both." Kazakevich has helped sign over 30 MSP clients in the last few months. The spike can be attributed to OS33's IaaS platform launch for MSP's in February.  We'll see if his appointment leads to a heavier 2011 TCI portfolio.

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