TCI Opens New Office to Focus on Canadian IT Services Investment

Technology Capital Investors (TCI) , the IT managed services investment firm, is opening a new office in Canada to focus its investment efforts in the Canadian IT services market.

The new office is located in the Toronto area in order to try to take advantage of the "high-growth potential market for managed services providers (MSPs) in the area," according to TCI Managing Partner Sam Attias.

TCI's plan is build a core group of managed services providers in major metropolitan Canadian regions like Toronto. To that end, the company is filling its new Canadian office with local resources and personnel dedicated to serving the specific needs of the Canadian MSP community. Attias said that TCI plans to help these Canadian MSPs implement the best cloud strategy and security solutions to meet the needs of each of their specific customer bases.

TCI joins a growing list of technology companies that plan to penetrate the Canadian MSP market in 2012. Another is N-able Technologies, which recently team with Hartco Distribution to target Canadian MSPs.

So why the sudden surge into Canada? According to TCI, the Canadian market was less effected by the economic downturn that did major damage to the U.S. and other international economies. TCI claims that major Canadian cities have actually shown economic growth and job creation over the last four years. That, according to Attias, makes Canada a prime region to pursue IT services and cloud computing providers.

This latest news from TCI comes just about a week after the IT services investment firm acquired Savid Technologies to enhance its IT security and compliance portfolio.




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