Tactical FLEX Opens Network Security Operations Center (NSOC)

Tactical FLEX, a software development, IT consulting and professional services firm, has opened a new Network Security Operations Center (NSOC) at its headquarters in Seattle, Wash. Tactical plans to have network security analysts and some of its product support team members monitoring the NSOC and facilitating both local and remote network intrusion data 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

The NSOC was developed to help Tactical's business customers with limited resources manage and maintain their versions of Aanval, which is why the new facility will always be open. Aanval is Tactical's snort and syslog intrusion detection, correlation and management solution. It's designed for and used by businesses of all sizes, from those with single sensor installations to global enterprise deployments. Tactical FLEX has released six versions of Aanval since first developing it eight years ago, with the most recent version coming out in January 2011 fully stocked with Live GeoLocation and Google Maps Integration.

Tactical Flex's new NSOC facility is actually split into two parts. One is the NSOC Management & Monitoring Services portion that provides customers with remote network intrusion detection, remote alerting and notification, remote security management and offsite security event archival and storage. The second portion is the NSOC Development Lab in which the Tactical collects and analyzes global Internet security threats. That includes internal product development & testing, internal traffic testing & analyzation, network security signature testing and security product reviews.






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