SysAid to IT Pros: Evaluate IT Systems Over the Holidays

SysAid to IT Pros: Evaluate IT Systems Over the Holidays

SysAid Technologies LogoSysAid Technologies, an IT service management software and help desk solution provider, has a message for IT staff looking forward to taking a few days off during the holidays: Not so fast. According to the software provider, there is no more ideal time for IT administrators to evaluate company IT systems than during the holiday season when most employees are out of the office and usually not logging-in to company networks via mobile devices to work remotely.

So at the risk of being The Grinch who stole paid time off (PTO) from IT system administrators this month, SysAid has released a seven-step checklist for IT staffs to run their systems through this Holiday season in preparation for that 2012 rush back to the office.

1.  Test your network backbone and electricity backup: This includes Internet service continuity, applications that are used outside of the office, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and network capacity.

2. Test Your DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) solution: The best way to do this, according to SysAid, is to simulate a complete electrical failure inside your data center, restore your data from your backup solution and initialize all your services from a remote location. Note what works and what doesn't and be prepared to solidify your solution come 2012.

3. Implement Major Infrastructure Changes: The holidays are the best time to make any major changes to your infrastructure, especially if those infrastructure changes require extended downtime. Storage upgrades, database migrations and electrical maintenance are great tasks to have done when employees are out.

4. Take Advantage of your remaining yearly budget: Go on a little holiday spending spree. If you have extra cash, use it to upgrade software platforms, go through training programs or get some new tech toys for employees upon their return. (Not so sure if we at MSPmentor like this one. Saving the money rather than trying to find ways to spend it sounds a little better to us).

5. Proactively Replace Old Equipment: Take inventory and replace old or damaged office equipment. It's a good way to hit the ground running in 2012.

6. Ensure your backup: It goes along with testing your BDR. Review your overall backup strategy. Make sure it's consistent and make sure there's a backup in place for all laptops and servers in your workplace.

7. Take a break: Even YOU need to relax, says SysAid. Use the downtime to charge your battery for the upcoming year.

SysAid seems like a pretty credible source to take advice from. The company has over 60,000 international customers and has been developing its IT management software since 2002. The company's latest move? The release of SysAid IT 8.0 in May 2011.

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