Syncplicity Cloud File Sharing App for Android, Kindle Fire

Syncplicity, a cloud file management provider, says its app now supports Android 2.x mobile devices, including the Amazon Kindle Fire. Users can now access files and folders from PCs, Macs, Google Docs, Salesforce, SharePoint, Android devices and more.

Here's a quick list of features, provided by Syncplicity:

  • automatic access to all files in virtual public cloud environments
  • file sharing, regardless of size
  • access to current and past versions of files without the need for administrative approval
  • ability to use third party applications on Android devices to view files within Syncplicity
  • remotely wipe data and credentials on lost or stolen device
The new Syncplicity offering is free for exiting users through the Google Android Market and the Amazon App Store. This announcement is the first major development we've heard from Syncplicity since the company developed its channel program for cloud integrators and solution providers.
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