StopTheHacker: SaaS Business Solutions for Online Protection

StopTheHacker: SaaS Business Solutions for Online Protection LogoThe name really says it all. StopTheHacker is an SaaS provider that aims to help web hosting providers, website owners and web designers detect and protect against malware attacks. And this week, the SaaS provider introduced a new software package that includes more advanced security features. The goal, according to StopTheHacker CEO Peter Jensen, is to give StopTheHacker corporate business customers a more comprehensive solution to protect their websites from both online threats and hackers.

"We designed this new version of our website security suite to focus on corporations' need for robust web site and Facebook protection, and web hosting providers' desire to add another layer of security defense for their customers," Jensen said in a prepared statement.

StopTheHacker says websites today need all the security protection help they can get, and it intends on providing the type of comprehensive solution today's websites need to be protected. According to the company, Google blacklists approximately 6,000 websites every day because of malware infestation. And what's more, StopTheHacker claims that up to five percent of all hosted websites are infected with malware, and that current antivirus software solutions today catch only 40 percent of harmful malware on web sites.

So what's StopTheHacker doing to quell the malware crisis? For one, the SaaS provider has added an automatic malware removal and scanning solution that can scan a corporate Facebook wall for any type of malicious content. It also includes administrative updates and improvements to its current infrastructure and scalability so that it can scan web sites more frequently.

And StopTheHacker's biggest market differentiators? One, the company says its SaaS security solution is specifically designed for web sites, whereas other signature-based security solutions are designed to protect only the PCs themselves. Secondly, StopTheHacker is targeting an international market. This newest version of its security solution, version 3.1, is already available in English and German. The company says support for more languages is coming over the next several weeks. And finally, version 3.1 comes in four different models so that it can be used by businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises. Here's a breakdown of the four versions, courtesy of StopTheHacker:

Standard Edition: Available at $10 per web site per month. This scans all the pages on your website weekly, checking if your site is blacklisted by Google and infected by known web malware. The Standard Edition also includes the StopTheHacker Trust Seal for protected websites, reassuring visitors that website security is a priority.

Professional Edition: Available at $20 per web site per month. In addition to the features of the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition scans daily, checks websites for infection by unknown malware using StopTheHacker's engine and protects corporate Facebook pages.

Business Edition: Available at $50 per web site per month. In addition to the features of the Premium Edition, the Business Edition scans hourly and also scans for vulnerabilities in web sites.

Enterprise Edition: Available at $100 per web site per month. In addition to the features of the Business Edition, the Enterprise Edition also scans web sites continuously, provides an annual security audit and offers phone support.
All four version are available through StopTheHacker VARs and web hosting providers.

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