SolarWinds: VoIP Plus BYOD Equals Managed Services Revenue

SolarWinds: VoIP Plus BYOD Equals Managed Services Revenue

SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) is preparing to help managed services providers (MSPs) address VoIP, BYOD and streaming video opportunities in the second half of 2012. The IT management software provider, which is scheduled to announce quarterly results on July 25, will share details about its VoIP management strategy later this month.

Here's the backdrop: Roughly 27 percent of SMBs already have VoIP service and another 50 percent plan to deploy it in the next two years, according to Inzenka. As VoIP and video streaming applications extend across smart phones and tablets, SMBs will need help managing those networks.

Yes, corporate IT departments can run SolarWinds internally. SolarWinds also opened its arms to MSPs in late 2011 with a formalized partner program and software upgrades.

VoIP Management Tools

Much like SolarWinds, a growing number of MSP software providers are targeting VoIP opportunities.

During a webcast several weeks ago, Nimsoft's Ken Vanderweel, senior director of global service providers, identified VoIP as one of the top five overlooked opportunities in the MSP market.

Likewise, ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini has called on MSPs to keep a firm grip on customers' VoIP endpoints while many other customer systems shift to the cloud.

So how will SolarWinds help MSPs to differentiate in the VoIP management market? We'll get some answers by the end of July or so.
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