SolarWinds: Pursuing Cisco Partners for Managed Services Push?

SolarWinds: Pursuing Cisco Partners for Managed Services Push?

SolarWinds is preparing to work more closely with managed services providers (MSPs), sources continue to tell MSPmentor. The latest example: SolarWinds -- which develops network management and monitoring software -- has started to work more closely with Cisco VARs; many of those Cisco partners have managed services expertise, we've heard. At the same time, SolarWinds recently launched Applications Performance Monitor 4.2. So what's next?

First, a little background: A few readers beat me up in June 2011 when I suggested SolarWinds was preparing managed services initiatives (check the reader comments area). We stand by that article. And now, it's clear that SolarWinds is reaching out to Cisco VARs that need remote monitoring and management tools. Several readers have checked in with MSPmentor in recent weeks after hearing from SolarWinds...

On the product front, SolarWinds' new APM 4.2 allows MSPs to monitor Java-based apps like Apache Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere and WebLogic. Also, the platform includes more templates for commonly monitored apps.

Clearly, we're not suggesting that SolarWinds will push into traditional PC monitoring in the PC market. But we are receiving some clear indications that SolarWinds wants to work with larger MSPs that need application and network monitoring capabilities. In some sectors, SolarWinds could be on a collision course with Kaseya, which acquired Intellipool to potentially counter SolarWinds.

SolarWinds has popped up on our radar a few times and has made multiple acquisitions, including  Hyper9 and TriGeo. Now, we're reaching out to SolarWinds for insights on the alleged managed services partner push...

Additional insights from Nicholas Mukhar.

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