SolarWinds Debuts User Device Tracker 2.0 for IT Management

SolarWinds, an IT management software provider, has unveiled version 2.0 of its User Device Tracker (UDT) platform. The software allows managed services providers (MSPs) to tackle the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend. Sure, BYOD can increase productivity. But it also introduces new network security risks. That's where SolarWinds' UDT enters the picture.

UDT is designed to help IT network admins track the location of different users and computers that are connected to the network before they log-off so that IT admins can catch the devices responsible for malicious behavior on their network, if there is any at all. The main upgrade within version 2.0 is a faster switch port management service. Switch port management is used to find a network-connected device before it logs the network.

Many IT management and mobile device management (MDM) solution providers offer a variation of this service, but SolarWinds claims that its switch port management solution is the most comprehensive and most reliable and fastest because it lets admins search by IP address, hostname or MAC address. And once it finds the computers connected to the network, it gives administrators the located computer's switch name, port, port description and VLAN.

Here's a full list of upgrades included in UDT 2.0, courtesy of SolarWinds:

  • Support for collecting user information from Active Directory, allowing customers to quickly see who is logged into a specific machine and to what port the machine and user are connected
  • User and endpoint detail pages that provide more information about specific endpoints and users
  • Improved back-end topology using CDP and LLDP to better determine network connection information
  • Seven new reports including endpoints by VLAN, all endpoints with details, port capacity by switch, number of connected devices by port, all IPv6 addresses in the network, OUI summary report, and an unused port report
  • Alert for when a new device is connected to the network
The UDT upgrade comes after SolarWinds upgraded its network management for MSPs just before the new year.


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