SolarWinds Buy Seeks to Disrupt Secure File Transfer Costs

Promoting the idea of a commoditized price for secure file transfer technology, IT management software provider SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) has acquired Rhino Soft software and will add that company’s file transfer management offerings to its portfolio.  The company said it will package these solutions as an alternative to per-seat licensed products as well as an alternative to less secure solutions. Here are the details.

Branding the Rhino Soft technology as SolarWinds FTP Voyager and SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server, the company said the solutions offer technology designed to offer this level of security at a more manageable cost.

“We do not believe that IT pros should be forced to take the lesser of two evils – exorbitant costs associated with per seat services, or compromised security and compliance,” said Kevin Thompson, president and CEO of SolarWinds, in a prepared statement.  We want IT pros to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can meet their company’s needs without sacrifice.”

SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server offers a secure managed file transfer solution with a simplified web interface. It also provides the ability to access files via secure mobile access.

The following is a list of additional capabilities, straight from the company’s statement, about what the server lets IT do:

  • Secure, automate, and manage file transfers and workflows,
  • Provide comprehensive enterprise security, tracking and reporting features to demonstrate compliance with SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA regulations, as well as any internal corporate standards,
  • Support multiple secure file transfer methods to quickly and easily manage and transfer files back and forth, increasing team and business productivity,
  • Reduce the risk and exposure of storing sensitive company information and files in the cloud.
SolarWinds Serv-U file transfer management products are available now. Pricing starts at $495 for the FTP Server, and as low as $1895 per server for the Managed File Transfer Server, with the first year of maintenance included.

The SolarWinds FTP Voyager client is offered free of charge  and supports features such as drag-n-drop, scheduled transfers and folder synchronization from a Windows desktop.

Terms of the Rhino Soft acquisition were not disclosed, but SolarWinds said they would not be material to the company’s results.
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