SMBs Need Help Solving Database Problems

There is a general sense in the business community that current database implementations are not providing enough “bang for the buck,” but there appears to be a lack of knowledge about how to improve the situation. According to a new InformationWeek survey of more than 750 business technology professionals, only 12% say their databases are a good deal.

Despite this widespread dissatisfaction with database performance relative to cost, business IT professionals seem reluctant to take advantage of new database options that can vastly improve scalability and performance. For example, more than half (55%) of respondents say they will not take advantage of cloud technology and only 2% are currently using the open source Apache Hadoop software framework, although another 37% are considering doing so.

Where SMBs Fit In

The survey covers IT professionals at businesses of all sizes, and is not specific to SMBs. However, if concerns about database ROI are widespread across the general business community, in all likelihood they are even more pronounced in the SMB community, where installed database solutions are likely to be older.

In addition, resistance to employing new technologies is also likely even greater among SMBs, as resources to replace or upgrade outdated database implementations are more scarce than among the general business population.

Where MSPs Fit In

Presumed SMB reluctance to implement new database technologies may seem like an impediment to MSPs capitalize on this trend, but MSPs should focus on SMB dissatisfaction with their databases. This is a golden opportunity for MSPs to do a little customer education, demonstrating how by utilizing managed services, SMBs can actually reap the benefits of new database technologies and infrastructures, such as cloud and Hadoop, without the direct expense of development or hosting.

And even if SMBs may not want to implement the newest and shiniest managed database services, the fact that about nine in 10 SMBs are not happy with their current database situations still leaves MSPs a lot of wiggle room. A sales pitch can start with a hosted cloud database service, but does not have to end there. There is a strong need for new databases out there, who will step up to fill it?

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