Small VARs Embrace Autotask Go!

I had another lengthly chat with Autotask CEO Bob Godgart earlier this week. The conversation touched on multiple points. For this particular blog entry, I'm zeroing in on Autotask Go!, an entry-level platform that allows small VARs to get started with professional services automation. Autotask has learned quite a bit about the small VAR market since launching Go! last fall.

While Autotask's direct sales promotes Autotask Pro (a full-blown platform) to solutions providers, Autotask Go enjoys more of a grass-roots following. Autotask supports the starter platform with a customer service team, just to make sure VARs successfully deploy Go. But for the most part, Go lives in a self-provisioned world where solutions providers embrace and master the platform on their own.

At $99 per month for up to 3 users, Go's starting price is meant to attract "small and emerging IT shops." Skeptics may wonder if Go is cannibalizing Autotask's higher-end business. Apparently, the answer is a firm "no." Godgart says Autotask's revenue is growing 5 percent per month. (So far, Autotask and other MSP platform providers appear to be holding up well amid the recent economic turmoil.)

Moreover, roughly 10 percent to 15 percent of Go's early adopters have already made the leap to Autotask Pro, the company's more fully functioned platform, Godgart notes.

The story doesn't end there. Godgart is putting the finishing touches on a new business relationship that should raise Go's visibility among traditional software VARs.

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