Small Business Security: Time to Grow Up

Small Business Security: Time to Grow Up

Do you remember your first bike? It gave you a decent start but you outgrew it fast. The same can be said for consumer-focused security products that are used in small businesses. Here's why.

For some of you, the memory of your first bike may be a sore subject due to the great hammy down incident of ’79 -- but I am pretty sure most of you had a similar experience, plus or minus the handle bar tassels, a banana seat, or a bell. It most likely started with some standard equipment: 2 pedals, handle bars, 2 big wheels and a set of training wheels. Back then this was standard issue for learning to ride a bike.

However once we found our confidence, we started finding ways to terrify our mothers. We learned fast is fun, that any undulation in the sidewalk can be a jump and we learned the hard way that you can’t turn too sharply with training wheels. The very thing that kept us safe and upright in the beginning -- those training wheels -- was now holding us back and putting us at risk.

Shifting Gears

The same can be said for consumer-focused security products for small businesses. They are totally adequate as the business is starting off.  But as the business begins to grow, VARs and MSPs that keep small businesses locked in with a consumer-focused products can end up hurting those businesses long term.

As a reseller, it is important to make sure you provide your customers with the right technology to help them grow by moving them to security products that are designed for the small business, and by providing them with managed services. Moving your small business customers to a managed solution will provide better protection for your customers and will allow you to add more value while maintaining their systems and keeping them safe.

Small businesses are at more risk than we may think. In September, the NACHA issued an alert saying that small businesses were being targeted by hackers because of their lack of security infrastructure. They also went on to say small business were targets of phishing attacks with the same look and feel of their financial institution. The FBI also reported that cyber crooks stole more than $44 million from US Small and mid-sized firms over the course of several years.

Isn’t it time to kick off the old training wheels and allow your small business customers to go fast, set up jumps and turn corners quickly -- and safely?

TJ Alldridge is product marketing manager at Trend Micro. Guest blogs such as this one are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship.
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