Siemens Builds Modular Services Offerings for MSPs, Partners

Siemens Builds Modular Services Offerings for MSPs, Partners

For those times when everything is simply too much, Siemens Enterprise Communications has created a set of offerings aimed at the MSP space that potentially enable service providers to offer modular services to their customers.

The new offerings, marketed under the OpenScale Services moniker, is basically a repackaging of Siemens existing services offerings, but in different variations to better meet the needs of MSPs and their customers, said Chris Hummel, Siemens’ chief marketing officer and president, North America.

“Our managed services practice is bigger than Cisco's, according to Gartner, and because we see it as a key element, we are trying to innovate in both the top end of our services with our depth of domain expertise and the right packages that map to customers’ needs,” he said. “This is our services portfolio dissected into parts that are most attractive to them at any location or for any purpose. That gives MSPs the ability to map service levels in branch offices and headquarters to specific needs, for example.”

According to the company, OpenScale Services are available in three packages:

  • OpenScale Total Care, which offers standard break/fix maintenance with flexible SLAs and options for on-site service, parts replacement and moves, adds and changes (MACs) that can be customized for each site;
  • OpenScale Proactive Support, which delivers resources to handle all the day-to-day activities that are vital for ensuring a reliable and stable communications infrastructure, including closed-loop fault monitoring, back-up and restore, and service level reporting. It also includes options for user assistance, remote MACs and cost management; and
  • OpenScale Advanced Performance, which provides complete visibility to the network and how each component is performing so MSPs or end user customers can respond to changes before they become problems.
Siemens also is introducing OpenScale Active Monitoring, aimed exclusively at its channel partners to simplify the process of adding voice, server, network and application monitoring on top of their existing service agreements with customers, according to the company.

Plus, Hummel noted, any of the OpenScale packages can be layered on to an MSP’s or reseller’s existing maintenance solution to provide complete, end-to-end product support.

“This is something that has been one of the most successful elements for us on a global level,” he said. “The market will see more of this from us – we’re taking a more assertive position around services and the value that they bring to the equation.”

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