Seven Other Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, July 31

Seven Other Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, July 31

Kim Daniels and I ran into MSP Coach Stuart Selbst at CompTIA Breakaway last night. After some small talk Selbst asked me point-blank: "Where's the 'Seven Things' Blog?" -- one of MSPmentor's best-read blogs, posted each Friday. I've failed to author that blog the past two weeks. Travel. Some R&D work (hint, hint: It ain't a blog). Yada, yada. I let a few readers (including Selbst) down. Sorry about that. So here's a mid-week report on the seven blogs MSPmentor hasn't had time to write in recent days. They include...

7. Into the mid-Market: As I've mentioned, a growing number of MSPs are starting to focus on the managed services mid-market. Selbst is making a similar move, focusing on coaching in the MSP mid-market.

6. See You In Orlando?: I'm at CompTIA Breakaway this week in Las Vegas. And I've just learned that Breakaway 2013 will be in Orlando. Time to drain my kids' college fund and plan a family vacation in Disney World around the same time.

5. What's New?: Doyenz. the disaster recovery in the cloud specialist, has been a bit quiet lately. Need to check in and see how the Boston expansion is going, etc.

4. MSP Makes Big Hire: Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG), a cloud and managed services provider, has made a really, really, really big hire from the virtualization industry. Details soon.

3. The Next Big Trend: Virtualized Networks in the Cloud. Apparently, that's the next big wave in IT. Cisco Systems, VMware and now Oracle have each made big investments in that area. More perspectives soon on MSPmentor's sister site, The VAR Guy.

2. Key Partnerships to Watch: Watch for VaultLogix to work on some sort of distribution agreement with LabTech Software. Plus, VaultLogix will likely plug into the Intel Hybrid Cloud, trusted sources say.

1. Now THAT Is Interesting: What if a huge hardware company started looking at the PSA software market? Sure, owning the PSA software might be interesting to the hardware provider. But far more interesting: Owning all the data in the PSA system. The hardware company would gain a detailed view into customers' current and future needs for servers, desktops, printers, notebooks and other devices...

... Stay tuned on that one.

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