Seven Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Aug. 31

Seven Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Aug. 31

Goodbye August. Goodbye summer. Heck, at least we're heading into a three-day weekend here in the United States. After a busy week at VMworld (here's our compiled coverage), we're busy pulling back the curtain on our fifth-annual MSPmentor 250 list including something new called Locked in the NOC. In between all that, here's a look at seven managed services blogs and MSP news stories that the MSPmentor team didn't have a chance to write for the week ending Aug. 31, 2012.

7. Coming Soon: Upcoming conferences we're watching closely include Symantec Partner Engage, Tigerpaw User Summit and Salesforce Dreamforce.

6. Done Deal: A major east coast MSP just acquired another business. Financial terms are signed. Announcement coming...

5. MSP M&A Advisor: We've been writing a lot about MSP merger and acquisition advisors. Here's another one for your list: Austin Dale Group (based in Austin), is another boutique firm focused on the IT market, including MSPs and software solution providers. The company offers exit planning, valuations, financial coaching, and M&A advisory services.

 4. Our Next Move: I'm obsessed with something called Pisces. It's from Nine Lives Media's parent company -- Penton Media. Stay tuned.

3. Office 365 Migrations: Quest OnDemand Migration for Email is a new solution, hosted on Windows Azure, to help customers migrate to Office 365. The interesting twist: As you'll recall, Dell is buying Quest Software. So you can imagine similar Quest tools in the future that migrate on-premises customers into Dell's cloud data centers.

2. Windows 8 Sales Hook: Instead of pitching Windows 8 to customers, focus the conversation on the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. Two channel chiefs -- one from the virtualization market, the other from a major PC provider -- both told me they think the Windows 8 opportunity is more about helping customers with the BYOD tidal wave. Let end-users bring what they want to work (including, soon, Windows 8 tablets) but assure the customer that you can manage provisioning, security, connectivity and other related issues.

1. MSPmentor 250 Background: As the fifth-annual MSPmentor 250 rolls out, please keep in mind that we made numerous changes to our approach this year. A few examples:

  • Only one honoree per company: In previous years, we had some companies with three -- even four -- honorees. But the MSP market has grown and diversified... worldwide. To make sure we're covering the expanding ecosystem this year's list has only one honoree per company.
  • Names you already know: If you're a four-time MSPmentor 250 honoree (2008-2011), chances are you did not make this year's list because your name is already firmly familiar with our readership.
  • Names for All Time: We've also moved industry luminaries out of the MSPmentor 250 and onto that new Locked in the NOC list. Our thesis: If you were starting an MSP today, who would you lock in your NOC to instantly gain executive, sales, marketing, technical and community expertise?
That's about it from here. The weekend calls. Thanks for reading MSPmentor.
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