Security Concerns, Lack of Time Hurt Business Cloud Plans

The idea of outsourcing data storage and applications to the cloud may appeal to some customers, but to many it’s still a source of high anxiety as they worry about security in the cloud. And if customers are worried about it, you can bet it is something that MSPs are thinking about, too. That’s just what a new survey of UK MSPs by IBM found. Here’s what else MSPs said.

Overall, MSPs were quite optimistic about economic conditions and their businesses in the years ahead.  A full 97 percent were expecting growth of 10 percent or more year over year for the next two years.  More than 75 percent of the businesses surveyed said they target “medium” businesses or those in the 100 to 500 employee range.

About 20 percent reported they had difficulty hiring staff with skills in sales, solution design and security operations engineering. And that’s a critical category for these MSPs because 75 percent of them provided cloud solutions to customers but said that customers were still concerned with data security in the cloud.

A second study conducted by IBM in the UK with small and midsized enterprises found that

Sixty-seven percent of senior managers surveyed had either already implemented cloud services or anticipated they would in the future, with 30 percent looking to do so within the next two years.

Senior managers cited the increased ability for employees to work with greater mobility and flexibility as the most popular reason to implement cloud services (39 percent), and cost efficiencies were cited as the second most popular reason (33 percent).

Of those who had not yet moved towards the cloud, the main reason given for the delay was not security but lack of time (38 percent), something that puts MSPs in a pretty favorable position for providing services.

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