Secure Designs' Red, White & Blue Tiered MSP Solutions

Secure Designs' Red, White & Blue Tiered MSP Solutions

Secure Designs Inc, which specializes in managed security products and services, is feeling a little patriotic. The company is launching Red, White and Blue Tiered Network Managed Security Services Solutions. Even though it's a mouthful, it's actually a simple way to help MSPs get what they need. Read on for the solution details..

Small and mid-size businesses are the target for Secure Designs Inc (SDI). Backblaze, PGP, SonicWALL and Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) are all on board with providing strategic and cost-effective needs to the "micro-SMB" customer base.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Red Solution - 24x7 network perimeter defense based on SonicWALL with management, monitoring
  • Blue Solution - email encryption and all the features of the Red Solution featuring PGP Security and BackBlaze
  • White Solution - data encryption and backup with all the features of the White and Blue Solutions starring ZixCorp SaaS Architecture.
SDI calls their approach "multi-layered and highly robust." The company is looking to score points with budget-minded SMBs by apparently pricing out these solutions for every organization "regardless of size." There are, however, no dollar signs to be found in the press release. Still, SDI is hoping that these tiered levels will look attractive by bundling the most needed services in a helpful way and stresses that the monthly fees attached are very affordable.

Chime in and let us know what you think.

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