Secure Cloud Collaboration Provider Axway Intros MSP Program

Secure Cloud Collaboration Provider Axway Intros MSP Program

Axway, a provider of business software for secure cloud-based B2B interactions and integrations, is introducing an MSP partner program. The program enables MSPs to complement, enhance and extend their current shared services offerings with Axway’s secure collaboration, encryption, and file transfer solutions. MSPs will specifically be able to offer managed Axway solutions for collaborative and mobile file sharing, email encryption and data loss protection from a common platform.

Through its MSP partner program, Axway intends to make its enterprise-class security and data exchange solutions available as cloud-based integrated infrastructure and security as-a-service offerings. Axway is targeting specific goals including providing customers with greater levels of deployment flexibility and cost efficiency for securing sensitive company information.

The MSP Value Proposition

The value proposition for Axway in this arrangement is pretty clear. Axway gets access to a wider range of clients without investing in sales and marketing. But what do MSPs get from this bargain? Let’s briefly review a few key potential benefits.
  • Platform Availability – Axway provides a common platform as part of this program, eliminating the time and expense of maintaining and upgrading managed services infrastructure for Axway solutions. In addition, Axway can leverage its common platform to perform broad analytics, detecting potential problems that may pop up across multiple MSP engagements which would never be detected by MSPs running individual platforms. Software updates and patches can also easily be implemented.
  • Strengthening Existing Services – Axway is promoting this program as a way for MSPs to strengthen existing services they provide. That means MSPs can offer Axway capabilities as value-adds to their managed security implementations, shortening and easing the sales cycle as Axway solutions will not have to be (but can also be) offered from scratch.
  • Enterprise-Class Potential – Axway delivers enterprise-class solutions, meaning even MSPs that normally do not offer solutions in this class can do so via the hosted Axway platform. This opens up a whole new level of profitability for many MSPs and could even potentially allow the delivery of enterprise-class solutions and services to smaller organizations.
Current participants in the Axway MSP program include IT services/integrated solutions provider Abnology, cloud technology partner CorePLUS, workforce lifecycle management specialist CPSG, IT security provider Mycroft Inc., and IT hosting services provider ScaleMatrix.
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