ScienceLogic Boasts Big Customer Wins in 2012

IT management software vendor ScienceLogic has broken its annual sales record after strong fourth quarter sales, the company recently announced. For the quarter sales increased by 69 percent year over year. According to the company, the increase was driven by an expanding customer base (both domestically and internationally).

The news builds on the company's momentum. Its CTO told MSPmentor of another record-breaking quarter recently, attributed to the strength of managed services in today's marketplace. Now the company says it has signed  a record number of new customers in 2012. (MSPmentor note: ScienceLogic is not a public company, so MSPmentor is basing this report on the company's self-reporting and not on any publicly-available documents that have been audited according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission standards.)

Over the last two years, the ScienceLogic says its client base has grown in excess of 30 percent. Another 25 percent of existing customers significantly grew their use of ScienceLogic's software platform. And new customers included some heavy hitters such as SAP, National Academies of Sciences, Peak Colo, Cloudops, Carbonite, Virtacore, and C-Span. The company expects further growth in 2013.

Back in August, a ScienceLogic HostingCon 2012 survey of hosting providers revealed that 50 percent of respondents named price wars as the greatest threat to the industry.

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