Savant Protection Targets MSPs with Savant Enforcer

Savant Protection Targets MSPs with Savant Enforcer

Savant Protection LogoSavant Protection, an application whitelisting solution provider for end point users, is taking its first crack at marketing a solution for MSPs. It's called Savant Enforcer -- a product designed to let end users, not just IT admins, add applications to their computers.

"We've been working with MSPs for 6-9 months to figure out our value proposition before going public," said Savant Protection CEO Paul Paget. "It was basically a research project," he said. "At the time, application whitelisting companies were investing millions of dollars and trying to compete with the Stalwarts of the security industry like Symantec and McAfee."

Paget brought a different idea to Savant when he arrived at the company in 2008: Application whitelisting shouldn't be a replacement for anti-virus, it should be an addition. Not a product on its own, but a feature. "So the question became, 'How can we integrate into existing platforms?'" he said. That's when Savant began receiving inquiries from MSPs trying to minimize end point user damage, fixing costs, and cuts to their margins.

Still, there were challenges, conceded Paget: "We had to work with MSP provisioning systems like Kaseya, N-Able, Level Platforms, etc. in order to integrate. We also had to integrate with antivirus products like Trend Micro, Kaspersky and McAfee. We catch any malware that gets passed those products."

That's where Savant Enforcer comes in. Savant Enforcer is the client that MSPs provision. It gives a total user interface (UI) that anyone can use. "Most other whitelisting products are centrally managed. Savant Enforcer gives the user full privileges," Paget said. "It gives trusted users the right to add and delete software and have total control of their machine. it decentralizes the decision making of adding software. We don't believe there's any other product that gives users full privileges."

MSPs have been deploying the early version of Savant Enforcer for the last six months. The final version that gives end users all of the Savant Enforcer's full capabilities is still 30 to 45 days from being released.

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