SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Provides Cloud-Hosting Capabilities

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Provides Cloud-Hosting Capabilities

SAP (NYSE:SAP)  has released the on-demand edition of SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, designed to help ISVs, systems integrators and service providers add cloud capabilities to their portfolio of solutions. According to SAP, this data management solution lets companies build, deploy and manage cloud applications. Here are the details.

SAP’s solution offers an isolated multi-tenancy architecture to remove co-mingling of data. In addition, the offering provides the flexibility to host applications in private, public or hybrid environments to fit with various compliance and legal requirements.

To make it easier to manage, the solution offers a single integrated console that can be used to manage thousands of customer databases built on SAP’s database technology.

Other key features in SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition, according to the company include the following:

  • Full relational database capabilities for SaaS applications
  • Ability to easily move tenants to load balance or isolate them with minimal disruption
  • Atomic tenant databases that allow for per-tenant customization
  • Declarative database fencing to facilitate compliance with data regulations
  • Provision to run multiple versions of software in the same cloud
  • Flexible task model, allowing administrative functions to run against one or many tenants
  • Scalability by the number of tenants
  • ISV-focused tooling providing operational insight into the data cloud
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