Roaring Penguin Enhances CanIT Archiver

It’s been a few months since Roaring Penguin Software Inc. introduced its CanIT Archiver – an e-mail archiving and continuity platform that the company released in early May, 2011. How is the strategy progressing? I checked in for a brief update with Roaring Penguin Vice President of Sales and Marketing  and Co-Founder Bill White. He described what the anti-spam and e-mail filtering provider has been up to since CanIT Archiver debuted.

And as it turns out, Roaring Penguin has been pretty busy making low level software improvements to its platform. Here a few updates:

  1. CanIT Archiver New Components: It keeps a search and message audit trail visible to administrators and end-users, and stores only a single copy of duplicated messages on a single day for a given realm. CanIT Archiver previously archived only inbound e-mails. Now it uses the SMTP Journaling feature in Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 to archive internal and outbound e-mails.
  2. Integration: CanIT Archiver is pre-integrated with Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Level Platforms and N-Able.
  3. Improved Search: Users can now search the CanIT Archiver based on data range, message subject, sender recipients, full text e-mail body and attachment filenames.
No doubt, Roaring Penguin competes in a very crowded market. Numerous software companies and SaaS providers promote anti-spam solutions to MSPs. Can Roaring Penguin stand out in that crowd? White said several of Roaring Penguin’s MSP clients are currently trialing and evaluating enhancements. We can expect more news regarding the CanIT Archiver at the CompTIA Breakaway 2011 Conference (Aug. 1 - 4, Washington, D.C.).
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