Ricoh Launches Managed Document Services (MDS) 2.0

Ricoh Launches Managed Document Services (MDS) 2.0

Ricoh Company has launched Ricoh Managed Document Services 2.0 (MDS 2.0). The new version is part of Ricoh's broader three-year plan to enhance its global MDS infrastructure. Ricoh began the three-year MDS initiative in January, 2011. Here's the update.

Ricoh MDS 2.0 was developed after the company performed what it calls "an in-depth analysis of customer engagements," to pinpoint their top concerns around MDS, which are:

  • cost control
  • environmental sustainability
  • information security and governance
  • business process efficiency
  • organizational change management
  • information worker productivity
  • information optimization
  • strategic structure
MDS 2.0 is one of the biggest developments for Ricoh since the company first introduced its managed print services (MPS) initiative back in October, 2008. This latest announcement also builds on the launch of Ricoh's Champs Managed Document Services Program in early June, 2011. We'll keep track of how the new Ricoh MDS 2.0 solution performs against solutions from Xerox, Toshiba and others in the MDS and MPS market.
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