RFA Adds Mobile Device Management to Security Suite

Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA), a provider of information technology (IT) solutions for financial service companies, has announced a new mobile device management (MDM) product. This MDM technology will be the fifth product offered in RFA's Security Suite, which aims to provide comprehensive data protection from internal as well as external threats.

RFA'S Security Suite includes managed security service, intrusion detection, data access auditing, email encryption and mobile device management. With these following five products, RFA's Security Suite seeks to adapt to changing enterprise threats and meets ongoing requirements to ensure network security.

Managed Security Service: data is collected and correlated from a variety of network devices, systems, software and filtering tools.

Intrusion Detection: protection from crimeware, botnets, hackers and malware.

Data Access Auditing: corporate risk is reduced through IT security auditing.

Email encryption: confidential information is protected from unauthorized viewing.

Mobile Device Management: offering seamless, accessible and secure mobile device usage.

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