Qumu Converges Microsoft SharePoint and Video Services

Qumu Converges Microsoft SharePoint and Video Services

Qumu, the enterprise video communications provider, offers MSPs more evidence that video services and Microsoft SharePoint are converging. The company's latest Microsoft SharePoint Technology Integration Module (TIM) lets enterprises centrally manage, organize and distribute both live and on-demand video content from wherever they have access to a Microsoft SharePoint portal. At the same time, Qumu is building a Q-Force partner network that includes IT service providers that have software development expertise.

The enhancements don't stop there. SharePoint TIM 2.0 has enhanced social media features. Employees can now share video over social media sites without having to face several company policy and procedure steps each time. That's because this newest release lets the enterprise automate security controls. And in order to view company videos in the first place, employees will have to log in to the Qumu Video Control Center for secure user access.

Why the emphasis on social media features? According to Gartner Inc., 80 percent of enterprise collaboration will be based on web 2.0 techniques by 2013. So Qumu and parent Rimage are taking steps to make sure they're ahead of the game, and it's likely other video solution providers will soon do the same. (Qumu was acquired by Rimage Corp. in October 2011).

Qumu also is building a Q-Force partner network. Q-Force partners include mobile apps developers [x] Cube Labs and Leapfactor.

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