Quest Software's PacketTrap Preps Cloud Managed Services Move

Quest Software's PacketTrap Preps Cloud Managed Services Move

While parent Quest Software considers its future ownership options, business unit PacketTrap continues to gain momentum in the managed services software market. Plus, PacketTrap is preparing a complete, cloud-based, end-to-end managed services platform, according to Mike Byrne, director of MSP at Quest Software.

Already, PacketTrap MSP and PacketTrap PSA continue to attract new managed services providers (MSPs) onto those respective platforms. PacketTrap is coming off its best quarter in business (Q1, 2012) and Q2 has been "rolling along nicely for us," said Byrne. "We've seen a steady adoption rate for PacketTrap PSA within our existing PacketTrap MSP partner base."

So what's next? This is the year PacketTrap will release an end-to-end, cloud-based managed services solution that features both PSA and RMM capabilities. PacketTrap PSA, based on a recent software acquisition, already is cloud-based. PacketTrap MSP, on the other hand, began life as an on-premises software platform. It sounds like the two solutions will converge in the cloud.

"We’re also completely re-writing our user work-flow," said Byrne. "Our product marketing staff has been working closely with our partner advisory council over the last year to ensure the work-flow in our new release is customized to how an engineer needs it to flow."

Byrne and I did not discuss parent Quest Software's ownership status. Insight Venture Partners appears poised to acquire Quest Software if the software company does not attract additional, higher-value takeover offers. Dell, for one, apparently was negotiating such an offer but high-level discussions with Quest Software apparently ended last week, Reuters reported.

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