Quest Software Invests in Open Source, Business Intelligence

Quest Software, owner of PacketTrap MSP, has quietly invested in Jaspersoft, which develops open source business intelligence software. The big question: Will Quest eventually connect the dots between PacketTrap, managed services and BI software capabilities?

To be clear: Jaspersoft has multiple investors -- including Red Hat, SAP and numerous venture capitalists. Also, Jaspersoft has received multiple rounds of financing. So Quest doesn't directly control Jaspersoft. Still, Quest Software seems serious about the BI market.

In a prepared statement, Quest Software Managing Director of Corporate Development Shayne Higdon said: “We're very glad to be investing in Jaspersoft right now. This is the time for scalable, affordable, self-service BI, With the right resources and this management team, we believe Jaspersoft will continue to set the modern BI industry agenda.“

Jaspersoft has a growing channel partner program. And Quest recently launched Partner Circle, a unified partner program that covers all of Quest's IT management and systems management products. Quest has also launched migration services for customers that want to embrace Microsoft's Office 365 cloud.

So where does BI fit into the story? To see where Quest is potentially heading with Jaspersoft take a look at Quest's existing Spotlight product portfolio, which allows customers and channel partners to pinpoint database performance issues. Quest's Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise, for instance, features BI monitoring and works with Foglight for SQL Server. As a result, database administrators (DBAs) can more easily detect, diagnose and resolve SQL Server performance issues for customers.

MSPmentor wonders if Quest will unlock additional database management opportunities through the Jaspersoft investment...

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