Public Cloud or Private? 2013 is the Year of Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud environment may have thrown a wrench into the plans of many managed services providers (MSPs) for the upcoming year, but one developer of IT management software is prepared to protect and defend. Zyrion Founder and CEO Vikas Aggarwal (pictured) explained to MSPmentor why 2013 will be the year of hybrid cloud environments. We'll reveal the exclusive interview.

While most enterprises have dabbled with internal cloud offerings, many are still evaluating public cloud environments, Aggarwal explained. These public cloud options provide enterprises with flexibility to "add computing resources on-demand without adding more hardware in-house." MSPs, on the other hand, will need a monitoring platform with the ability to provide a "unified view of the private and public cloud infrastructure."

Not only do MSPs need a platform that can monitor both public and private cloud environments, but they also will need a distributed application or IT service to handle both structures. "A distributed application or IT service can span both the public and the private cloud so providing a unified view to track performance bottlenecks is essential," Aggarwal explained. "In fact, datacenter and hosting providers offering private cloud infrastructure to customers will themselves need to work with their customers who will have instances in the public cloud."

To provide an answer to this issue, Zyrion extended its Business Service Management (BSM) Service Containers, providing a unified view of a distributed applications running on both public and private clouds. The company's hybrid solution, according to Aggarwal, addresses the security and deployment issues that come with a public cloud environment, allowing MSPs to retrieve performance data from a public cloud, which can then be securely encrypted and transmitted to the monitoring platform.

In addition, to manage hybrid cloud platforms, MSPs will adopt management platforms such as CloudStack -- an open source cloud computing software for creating, managing and deploying infrastructure cloud services. In response to this Zyrion developed its CloudStack integration module. However, Zyrion's work is not yet complete: "In the coming year we will offer tighter and seamless integration with more hybrid cloud management platforms as our customers show greater adoption of these management platforms," Aggarwal said.

Vikas Aggarwal , is among the MSPmentor 250. His company added multi-tenant Netflow integration to its fault and performance monitoring platform back in October.

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