PrintMe Mobile Tracks Print Jobs from Mobile Devices

Are your customers struggling with  a lack of accountability and control when it comes to printing with mobile devices? Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI) has announced an update for its PrintMe Mobile software, PrintMe Mobile 2.2., which provides IT departments with the ability to control and manage printing from tablets, and other mobile devices within the enterprise. The update also protects files from leaving the corporate network by enhancing access control to printers in the organization.

PrintMe Mobile 2.2 uses a user ID system to account for all printing originating from mobile devices. Advanced user authentication has been added by EFI to enable integration with a corporate LDAP server. Instead of users printing anonymously, each user will be tracked through their unique user ID, which will aide in tracking mobile print jobs in the system based the specific user who is printing.

PrintMe Mobile gives IT pros the ability to track print jobs, create and enforce policies to control which printers can be used, and set the  printing options available for specific groups of users. PrintMe Mobile enables WiFi printing from iPads, iPhones and Android devices, from within the application they are using to any existing network printer regardless of brand. With PrintMe Mobile 2.2's secure printing, sensitive content is protected from leaving the network.

A full version of PrintMe Mobile 2.2 software is available for download and a free 45-day trial.

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