PretonSaver Offers MPS Multi-Tiered Pricing for Color Printing

PretonSaver Offers MPS Multi-Tiered Pricing for Color Printing

rsz_pretonsaverManaged print services (MPS) software developer Preton recently announced a new version of its PretonSaver software, offering multi-tiered pricing for color printing to MPS providers. The new version comes on the heels of expanding MPS partnerships, resulting from the recent advancement of MPS technology, some say. Here's what the new version has to offer MPS providers.

The new software edition aims to provide MPS providers with the ability to leverage the software's page coverage analysis features to improve color printing pricing strategies, the company said in a release. Calculating the exact of amount of color toner needed for each printed page could enable MPS providers to define page coverage thresholds and offer multi-tiered pricing for color print jobs, alleviating concerns of MPS customers regarding color pricing.

"In many MPS engagements today, color pricing is triggered even if a print job contains only one color pixel and to no surprise, most MPS customers see this as unfair,” said Preton North America Operations Vice President Tim Bohn in a prepared statement. "Scaled pricing for color printing based on our page coverage calculations provides an MPS provider with an important opportunity to differentiate its offering, improve long term customer loyalty and even increase profitability and revenue."

PretonSaver uses Preton's Pixel Optimizer Technology, which identifies and removes overlapping and other unnecessary pixels, to optimize the amount of toner consumed during the printing process. The solution also offers MPS providers user-focused reporting data and includes extensive print policy enforcement capabilities for further reducing toner consumption and lowering paper usage. It also includes the following features:

  • toner and ink optimization;
  • supports all printer types: Ink jet and laser, monochrome and color, and network and local;
  • and Windows environment integration.
According to the company's website, it's partner program is growing, and the company is always searching for potential partners. If you're interested in becoming a partner, visit the company's website.
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