Presenting the Top 100 Managed Service Providers: The MSPmentor 100

The MSPmentor 100 -- our look at 100 of the world's top managed service providers -- is now available for your review. Before you dive into the list and the associated charts, here's some background on how MSPmentor and its parent, Nine Lives Media Inc., pulled together this managed services report.

When we launched MSPmentor, one of our first decisions was to pull together the MSPmentor 100 -- a look at the top 100 managed service providers. But we didn't want this to be yet another listing organized by company revenue. Sure, there's value in revenue-based lists such as the Fortune 500. But our goal was to give readers a comprehensive look at small, midsize and large MSPs that are thriving in the managed services market -- based on a variety of metrics. And we wanted to include MSPs from across the globe.

Our first step was launching an online survey. From October 2007 through December 28, 2007, we asked MSPs from across the globe to share a variety of metrics with us, including annual revenue figures for 2007 (estimated) and 2006; devices managed in 2007 and 2006; platforms used; services offered; employees, etc. We plugged these data points into our MSPmentor 100 index, and examined revenue growth rates, revenue per employee, and other revealing data points. More than 500 MSPs from across the globe participated in the survey.

Through our index, we ranked the MSPmentor 100 finalists from 1 through 100. But that's not all. We've also generated:

Now that you have a feel for how we pulled together our report, give it a look by visiting the MSPmentor 100 main section. And don't forget to visit our MSPmentor Resource Center on January 29 to download a complete PDF of the report (registration required).

Of course, we welcome your feedback and we're already brainstorming about next year's report. Feel free to post comments on this blog entry or email me (joe [at]
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