The Planet: Managed Hosting Momentum Continues

While managed hosting company The Planet isn’t a public company, they issue a momentum statement once a quarter to talk a bit about their performance. Well, this time around, The Planet is reporting that in Q1 2010, they experienced good international growth, double-digit growth in the upper end of their business, and a strong deal pipeline. Here’s the scoop.

The momentum statement indicates that, internationally speaking, The Planet is experiencing its strongest international revenue growth in Brazil, China, Russia, Denmark, and the Czech Republic. That’s interesting to see, as The Planet has never delineated its success those markets before.

As for the deal pipeline, they say they’re currently working on more large deals than ever before, which should help them increase their EBITDA beyond the reported 30%.

The last thing of note is The Planet’s continued dedication to being the value leader in the market, even as they aim to add new processors to their fleet with first-day delivery as soon as Dell makes them available. The first quarter of 2010 also saw them revamp their Partner Plus Program to provide volume discounts of up to 20 percent and reseller-targeted server bundles.

When a privately-held company makes claims, it’s always important to keep them in proper perspective: After all, there's no net income or earnings per share info to be seen. But it certainly does sound like The Planet is gearing up to take on the last half of 2010 in style. They’ve been growing their infrastructure, and The Planet’s cloud computing platform is coming out of beta sooner rather than later, so stay tuned.

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