Perimeter E-Security Launches SaaS-based Log Management

Perimeter E-Security Launches SaaS-based Log Management

Perimeter E-Security, a security as a service provider and MSPmentor 1oo company, has developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based log management solution. According to Perimeter's press release, the log management solution will help companies secure their networks and comply with regulatory standards in terms of properly collecting, reviewing and archiving data. Here's how it works.

Perimeter claims to have a patented 7-step threat scenario modeling feature to identify potential threats. The log management solution actually detects threats to a customer's network before the threats cause damage, secure breaches and/or more intense attacks. The solution leverage's Perimeter's Security Operation Center (SOC) so that the company's security experts can help customers detect and prevent attacks. It also collects logs and stores them in Perimeter's SAS70 Type II data centers. Finally, the log management solution comes with a log management web portal to give 24/7 reports and search tools to provide analysis, forensic capabilities and compliance reports.

The new solution builds on Perimeter E-Security's current solution, which already offers threat management and secure messaging. Perimeter E-Security Chief Technology Officer Andrew Jaquith identified the complexity of today's log management solution as the main problem for companies trying to centralize their network monitoring solutions. He says Perimeter E-Security has taken the complexity out of log management deployment. We'll see if the market responds. The Perimeter E-Security Log Management solution is available on a "per-device" pricing model.

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