Pagos Announces Rackspace Partnership

Software developer Pagos has announced a partnership with Rackspace Hosting to bring their software-as-a-service (SaaS) spreadsheet solutions to a broader market - and to ensure SAS70 compliance for their customers without costly infrastructure upgrades. Here’s the scoop.

There are two Pagos products that are now deployable on Rackspace’s servers: SpreadsheetWEB, which allows the conversion of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into instantly-hosted on-demand web applications; and SpreadsheetLIVE, which Pagos promises delivers a fully-fledged spreadsheet program in the browser.

The advantage to Pagos, as I noted above, is that they can now promise their customers full compliance with all security standards without having to upgrade their own infrastructure.

So Pagos gets to deliver their products to more customers for less money, and Rackspace gets to add SaaS spreadsheets to its portfolio. Sounds like everyone wins.

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