OS33 Claims MSPs Are Embracing Cloud Webtop Strategy

OS33 Claims MSPs Are Embracing Cloud Webtop Strategy

Business appears strong at OS33, the international IT-as-a-Service provider for MSPs. The company says its partner base grew 166 percent from OS33's previous quarter. The company claims it now has the "potential" to reach 240,000 end points – up 125 percent from early 2011. I chatted with OS33 President Jacob Kazakevich, Director of Sales Aron Derstine and Director of Marketing Paul Angelides to get a closer look at the strategy.

First, a little background: OS33 develops a hosted IT automation platform. MSPs can extend the OS33 platform out to end-customers. Those end-customers, in turn, gain a single Webtop GUI that provides access to all company applications.

"It's interesting because a lot of the conversation has been about how to shift to the cloud and how to make money from the cloud," Angelides said. "And as the conversation around the cloud becomes greater, more adoption of OS33 continues. That's a real testament to our platform."

All three executives agreed that the main reason for OS33's adoption and partner spike is that the company is providing a "tangible go-to-market opportunity." OS33 integrates a client's infrastructure, application hosting, services delivery and cloud-based Webtop into a single solution. The OS33 Webtop, its signature solution, is a cloud alternative to hosted desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure. The company is expecting to release a product update within the next two to three weeks.

In addition to its U.S. focus, OS33 claims to be catching on in Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom, according to Kazakevich, who also sits on the board of Technology Capital Investors. OS33 is preparing to release translated versions of its platform in anticipation of a broader international client base. Right now the software is only available in English.

Finally, OS33 will launch phase 2 of the OS33 Partner Program in the coming months. "During phase 2 of the [partner] program, we will be looking for larger, more experienced MSPs," Derstine said. As the OS33 offering matures, it will lead to partnership discussions with more established MSPs serving larger, mid-market to enterprise-level end-users. That doesn't mean OS33 will abondon its SMB base. The company plans to eventually make the OS33 platform available through the channel for SMB end-users.

A few disclaimers: As a privately held company, OS33 doesn't disclose actual financial results. So while the partner statistics show rapid growth, we can't really pinpoint what that means to the company's revenues and profits.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.

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