Oracle Threatens to End HP Relationship

Oracle Threatens to End HP Relationship

The Oracle vs. Hewlett-Packard feud took several dramatic twists and turns today. In case you missed the blow-by-blow: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has threatened to end Oracle's relationship with HP. Ellison's tersely written statement emerged after HP attempted to block Mark Hurd from joining Oracle. HP, you may recall, fired Hurd in August 2010 following a sexual harassment investigation that uncovered questionable expense reports. Meanwhile, Hurd had a good track record with HP's partners, but there are at least two areas where Hurd could improve his partner focus at Oracle. Just to make things extra-interesting: HP Executive VP Ann Livermore appears set to speak at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld conference. But will Livermore keep the date on her calendar? We're checking. You can track the ongoing HP vs Oracle feud on MSPmentor's sister site, The VAR Guy.

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