OKI Data, Agiliant Partner on Managed Print Services Offering

OKI Data, Agiliant Partner on Managed Print Services Offering

OKI Data Americas, the document management and printer company, has partnered with Agiliant, the managed IT services provider, to expand its Total Managed Print (TMP) initiative. OKI's TMP offering, along with its entire portfolio of printing solutions, will now be offered through the Agiliant Affiliant Network (AAN).

But the big news here is that Agiliant is continuing its push into the managed print and managed document services sector. Agiliant's venture began in early November 2011 when it released its first three managed document products -- visibilIT, vitalIT and manageabilIT. Agiliant then integrated its managed IT services with its managed print services later than month by introducing MITOS (Managed Information Technology and Output Services).

"OKI’s prominence and expertise within the Managed Print Services arena and innovative TMP solution make OKI an exceptional fit as a foundational product and strategic partner to Agiliant," Agiliant CEO Gary Stevens said in a prepared statement.

The addition of OKI's services to the AAN will allow dealers within the network to offer its customers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution to add to their sales of office equipment and other service offerings. Basically, it's another revenue stream to pursue. Agiliant also plans to incorporate selected portions of the OKI TMP Portal into the overall business processes of the AAN. That, according to Agiliant, will help AAN members standardize their asset and lifecycle management, sales and solution delivery procedures.






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