Ohio College Saves Money with Xerox Managed Print Services

Ohio College Saves Money with Xerox Managed Print Services

Xerox Corporation LogoWhich campus isn't looking to save a buck these days? Some colleges and universities are cutting classes, downsizing staff, even closing campus extensions in order to save a dollar. But, as Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio claims, there's a less dramatic way to save money: managed print services.

Cuyahoga has signed a five-year managed Enterprise Print Service contract with Xerox Corp. and will implement Xerox's managed print services in order to save just under $2 million over the length of the contract.

How? The key is that Xerox helped Cuyahoga understand how its roughly 32,000 students were using printers, copiers and fax machines thr0ughout campus. Cuyahoga used the information to toss out about 400 either outdated or seldom-used devices. Now, all student and staff printing jobs are directed through the most energy-efficient machines. Vice President of Marketing at Cuyahoga Community College Al Moran estimates that the school will save about $400,000 and reduce paper and energy use by 34 percent during the first year of using Xerox's managed print services.

Xerox has been offering managed print services for SMBs and enterprises for over a decade. The services include managing print jobs with the goal of reducing expenses, standardizing equipment and support processes, optimizing balance sheet assets, providing each client with a single point of contact, streamlining invoices for budget management and real-time alerting to maximize the productivity of each device.

It's been a busy first half of 2011 for Xerox: partnering with Office Depot to offer Xerox Managed Print Services in Europe, scoring a number of managed print service deals, targeting more clients and offering a bright outlook on the future of managed print services at the Xerox Partner Summit.

Xerox has also been busy promoting so-called eConcierge services, which allow end-users to more easily manage their printers while empowering channel partners to capture recurring revenues from ink and paper.

Still, MSPmentor notes that only about 20 percent of MSPmentor 100 companies offer managed print services to their customers, which suggests to us that the market is underserved.

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