O'Hara Named Integra CEO, Will Pursue Enterprise Customers

O'Hara Named Integra CEO, Will Pursue Enterprise Customers

Integra Telecom LogoIntegra Telecom, the business telephone and Internet service provider, has named Kevin O'Hara as its new CEO. Integra's search for a new CEO began in October 2011 when former CEO Tom Casey left the company for another opportunity.

At the time O'Hara was appointed Integra's Executive Chairman and oversaw the recent network-wide expansion of Integra's Hosted PBX and Managed PBX services. Now O'Hara is the new Integra Telecom CEO, and his focus rests squarely on the enterprise sector.

In an email sent to MSPmentor, Integra said O'Hara intends to "aggressively pursue enterprise customers...by offering a vast, competitively priced network, with services that meet the individual needs of customers." So it's no coincidence that news of O'Hara's appointment came days after Integra expanded its Hosted PBX and Managed PBX services.

"I look forward to working with Integra's management team and workforce to grow Integra for the benefit of our customers, employees and stakeholders as we execute on our strategy to serve businesses and carriers across our extensive fiber network," O'Hara said in a prepared statement.

O'Hara brings a wealth of experience to his new position. He was co-founder, president, chief operating officer (COO) and director of Level 3 Communications Inc. and president and CEO of MFS Global Network Services before joining the Integra board of directors. We'll keep an eye on Integra and monitor any new developments around its solutions and services now that it has a new CEO.




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