NovaStor Storage: Hyper-V Support Now, Mac Support Soon?

It's a big step for NovaStor and another small sign of progress for the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization strategy. Specifically, NovaBACKUP BE Virtual 12.2 platform now supports Hyper V. NovaStor says a significant number of its MSPs and their end-users now leverage Hyper-V. But NovaStor won't stop there. The company also is taking a close look at Apple Mac support.

“All of our business software will support Hyper-V, so if you are running it on your virtual machine you can plug in that backup and restore it,” said Kristen Tinsley, a PR representative for NovaStor. “If our MSP partners are offering backup services, now they can backup their Hyper-V servers and their clients can back up their own Hyper-V servers through their MSPs.”

There is no additional cost to NovaStor's existing customers for the Hyper-V support. The new service is simply an update that NovaStor partners using Hyper-V can download.

NovaStor's Hyper-V Support comes just two weeks after the company expanded its Storage Partner Network.

Next on the agenda for NovaStor? Tinsley hints that the Apple Mac platform is NovaStor's "next big focus." NovaStor already has developed a skeleton outline of what their support service for Mac servers will look like -- though the company is not yet ready to offer additional details.

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