NovaStor Expands Storage Partner Network, MSP Engagements

NovaStor, which develops backup software for MSPs and corporate IT, has been taking steps to strengthen its global partner strategy -- with a particular emphasis on Europe, Africa and the Middle East -- for the past year. The partnerships mark NovaStor's entrance into new markets while consolidating some efforts in other parts of the world, according to a NovaStor spokeswoman.

Hotbed areas for growth include Austria and Poland. To that end, NovaStor has been strengthening a year-old partnership with Sun Capital, a backup distribution company in Poland. At the same time, Novastor expects to focus less effort in niche markets like the Caribbean. "Any reseller or distributor can become a partner by signing up through our partner portal, but not all of them are active," conceded the spokeswoman. "We consider active partners to be those who sell our software. Some of those global resellers are now becoming active."

In recent months, NovaStor has reached out to non-active partners to see if there are ways to jump-start activity. "We do our best to get them engaged," said the spokeswoman. "If they're committed to us, we're committed with them."

NovaStor's partner program offers the same margins to all partners -- regardless of sales levels. Top-selling partners, however, gain more marketing materials and more customer support to help close deals even more quickly.

Coming Up

In mid-August 2011, NovaStor will launched a new version of it virtual machine (VM) environment, which will support Microsoft Hyper-V. The company is also trying to develop software to work with Mac and mobile devices, though a target launch date has not been disclosed.

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