Nirvanix Counters Simple Storage Service

Nirvanix, a company that claims to be the "premier Cloud Storage platform provider," hopes to rain all over's Simple Storage Service (S3). Like many managed storage providers, Nirvanix is trying to simultaneously counter while also cashing in on publicity around the S3 network.

In fact, Nirvanix has announced a 30-day “fee holiday” for all uploads from any source -- including Amazon S3 to a new account on the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN). For a company with 50 terabytes of data, the offer can eliminate more than $9,000 in set-up costs, Nirvanix asserts.

The move reinforces increasingly fierce competition in the managed storage market. While some MSPs -- such as Computer Network Solutions -- continue to build out managed storage services, other MSPs are worried about low-cost competition from Symantec Protection Network, S3 and other fast-growing alternatives.

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