Nimsoft Promotes Pay As You Go Service Provider Monitoring

How can managed services providers "scale up" or "scale down" their monitoring services, especially as customers scale up and scale down their cloud and virtualized applications? Nimsoft thinks it has an answer to that riddle. It's called "see as you go--pay as you go" unified monitoring. Here are some details and analysis.

Nimsoft, as you may recall, is owned by CA Technologies. Nimsoft got its start as an on-premises monitoring platform. But in recent months, Nimsoft has expanded to introduce a unified monitoring dashboard, plus a SaaS platform called Nimsoft On Demand.

The latest Nimsoft move involves "real-time usage metering, elastic portlets and unified service dashboards" for Nimsoft's on-premises and on-demand offerings.

According to Nimsoft:

"Service providers and IT staffs can now automatically create and deliver monitoring data and alerts that expand and contract with cloud and virtualized service delivery, while tracking and archiving usage in real time for auditing and billing purposes."
The so-called Elastic IT services, Nimsoft says, enables MSPs to "automate the presentation of monitoring dashboards to clients and flexibly bill for their monitoring services."

Competitive Moves

Is this Nimsoft move truly unique? I concede: I can't say for sure. On the one hand, many SaaS-based MSP tools offer pay-as-you-go models based on nodes monitored. As node counts go up or down, monthly bills for the tools typically adjust accordingly.

But it sounds like Nimsoft is doing something different here. This elastic IT services strategy sounds like it's based on workload sizes -- as customers consume more or less monitoring services, it sounds like Nimsoft MSPs will be able to dynamically adjust their monthly billing -- similar to how electric utilities bill for power.

Again, I need to study up a bit more on Nimsoft's strategy here, plus I need to see how the effort compares to rival offerings. Quite a few MSPs already have virtualization expertise, but most MSPs are just getting started with cloud computing. It looks like Nimsoft is trying to anticipate MSPs shifting more customers to cloud systems and utility-based billing. I'll be watching to see how the strategy plays out.

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