The Next Big Managed Service: Video Surveillance

As you may know I blog on a range of technology topics. Sometimes, those topics converge into a single blog entry. A case in point: I'm blogging live from MuniWireless 2007: Silicon Valley. One of the hot topics of discussion here is the rise of video surveillance applications within city networks. I can't help but believe that video surveillance is one of the next big opportunities for managed service providers.

Think about it for a minute. Many of the networking companies you already know -- such as D-Link -- are introducing network switches, storage and video systems that can be snapped together into a video surveillance solution. However, many potential customers -- retail stores, public parks, etc. -- don't have the time or expertise to manage to systems. That's where managed service providers come in.

Surely, MSPs can manage video systems much in the way that they oversee voice over IP, computer telephony and other converged applications. I've got to admit: I need to learn more about video surveillance. If you're a player in the video surveillance arena, let me know. I'll be adding more content on this very subject in the months ahead.

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